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WineMS remains committed to supporting and enhancing our specialized software through this challenging time. We are committed to the mandate and guidelines issued by our President - with our staff all working from home. This does provide some challenges for our call centre. If our support line (021 276 0487) forward to a designated support personnel drops or get redirected to voicemail, we request that you please leave detailed messages on our voicemail service or send a detailed message to Any messages left/sent will integrate to our call centre software, which we are continuously monitoring.

Winery and Farm Management Software

WineMS is a winery management solution that allows winery business management from block to bottle. Winery managers and winemakers select from grape intake, bulk wine management and bottling modules. Farm Managers can choose from farm management specific modules including block management, activities, spray programs, cost management, analysis and planning.

Intuitive Winery Software

Integrated Wine Business Solution

WineMS provides the ideal cost-effective business solution through tight integration with ERP and accounting software such as Microsoft™ Dynamics® BC, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution and Xero Accounting
Integrated business intelligence in the form of management reports, charts and Google Earth™ maps adds the proverbial 'cherry on top'.


winery focused and modular

We understand the nuances of the wine industry from block to bottle. We believe there are many similarities between wineries and farming operations, but each of our clients have specific needs and therefore they should be able to choose - and therefore only pay for - what they use. We believe that business intelligence is the core of any management solution and therefore report integration is at the core of the product architecture.

Product Modules

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  • Winery Management

    Modules that aid in managing your winery from receipt of grapes to bottling and labelling

  • Grape Intake

    Manage the grape receipt process from planning to payment for small and large wineries

  • Bulk Wine Management

    Manage all bulk wine process including transfer, blends, barrel management, additive stock control, analysis, cost allocation, recoveries and contract allocations.

  • Bottling

    Bottling and dry stock management for simple bottling processes at small and medium sized wineries

  • Grower Payments

    For large cellars that manage payments to growers based on a pooled grape payment structure

  • Farm Management

    Modules that help to run your farming operation including stock, costs, yields, planning

  • Vineyard Activities

    Allows the user to manage any labour activities as well as irrigation management on the farm.

  • Vineyard Additions

    Manage any chemicals,fertilizers or other additions applied to the vineyards. Full stock management included

  • Analysis

    Analysis and observations are configurable and extensible to allow capture of any measurements in the vineyard

  • Vineyard Planning

    Harvest Estimates, Production planning, production statistics, economic reporting

  • System

    Generic modules that are available to add value to farm and winery management modules

  • Report

    Business intelligence reports integrated into all modules of the software. Includes Google Earth Reporting

  • Document Management

    Attach documents, images to any item in the software

  • ERP Integration

    Integrate with ERP and accounting software such as Sage Pastel Partner and Microsoft™ Dynamics® NAV

  • WineMS Web

    Grower Access to Block Records, Weighbridge information, payments

  • WineMS Paperless

    Publish Reports to secure cloud platform

targeted client focus

WineMS offers a specialist service and wine intuitive solution for your business that we know your winemaker and farm manager will enjoy using. We also know that through seamlessly integrated business intelligence your employees will present management reporting to you, as business owner, that you will simply love. (Ask our existing clients! :) )



WineMS is a product of Farm Management Systems (Pty) Ltd (FarmMS), a leading provider of specialized IT business software solutions and consulting services to the Wine and Agricultural Industry

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