Farm Manager

"my record keeper"


"my administration saviour"

Bottling Manager

"my chaos clarifier"

Cost Accountant

"my cost calculator"

Financial Manager

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"my peace of mind"


We honour the time-tested traditions of winemaking, while recognizing that the future is paved with innovation. Crafting exquisite wines is not solely about the art; it's also about revolutionizing the methods. In every step, decision, and process, you can harness the power of data and insights, harmonizing them with your existing workflow. Our cutting-edge cloud-based system effortlessly fuses with the sacred journey of winemaking, from vine to glass, instilling precision, clarity, and efficiency at every juncture.

where passion meets precision
where passion leads to profitability

One complete vine to glass solution - combining 3 fully integrated (yet plug & play) apps

farm management

manage your farming operation including block details, yields, costs, planning and stock.

vineyard activities

manage any labour and/or cost activities and irrigation on the farm.

vineyard additions

manage any chemicals,fertilizers or other additions applied to the vineyards. full stock management included


analysis and observations are configurable and extensible to allow capture of any measurements in the vineyard

vineyard Planning

capture harvest estimates, production planning, production statistics, economic reporting

bulk management

manage your winery from receipt of grapes to bulk transfers and bulk dispatches with full traceability.

grape receipt

manage the grape receipt process from planning to payment for small and large wineries

bulk movements

manage all bulk movements from crushing. wine receipts, bulk transfers to dispatching + client allocation management

barrel management

detailed barrel management by barrel and barrel group/batches

additives, analysis, services

manage any additive stock, analysis and service cost allocation as part of the bulk wine process.

production and sales

manage your drystock, bottling and labelling processes as well as sales of bottled wine and other items.


create and manage bottling and labelling runs, generate bill of materials

dry stock management

manage any drystock over multi-location with full traceability and transparency


manage bottling sales by reserving stock, dispatching and finalizing sales.

point of sale (light)

light point of sale option with cash-up

Financial Integrations


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Customizable Reports
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Farm Management

R 399 / user / month*
  • R 199 / limited user / month
  • R 149 / view only / month
  • Block Records
  • Production Records
  • Block Events
  • Activities Costs
  • Block Measurements
  • Irrigation Records
  • excludes spray programs with detailed inventory control and
    integration options
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  • *R 120 / ha / year
    40 ha farm
R 499 /user /month*
  • R 249 / limited user / month
  • R 199 / view only / month
  • Standard
  • + Spray Programs
  • + Inventory Control
  • + Integration Options
  • *R 60 / ha / year
    100 ha farm
Bulk Management

R 749 /user /month*
  • R 449 / limited user / month
  • R 249 / view only / month
  • Grape Receipt / Crushing
  • Additive Inventory Control
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Bulk Transfers
  • Bulk Dispatch
  • Client Allocation
  • up to 5000 tons, limited barrel functionality, limited costing and
    light integration options
  • Get Started Now
  • *R 20 / ton / year
    500 ton production
R 999 /user /month*
  • R 549 / limited user / month
  • R 349 / view only / month
  • Standard
  • + Barrel Management
  • + Detailed Costing
  • + Detailed Integration Options
  • *R 2.5 / ton / year
    5000 ton production
Production and Sales Management
R 499 /user /month*
  • R 349 / limited user / month
  • R 199 / view only / month
  • Drystock Inventory Control
  • Multi Location
  • Bottle Stock Management
  • Bottling Runs
  • Labelling Runs
  • Sales
  • excludes bill of materials, pricelists, sales orders and
    detailed integration options
  • Get Started Now
  • *30 c / bottle / year
    20 000 bottles per year
R 749 /user /month*
  • R 499 / limited user / month
  • R 249 / view only / month
  • Standard
  • + Price Lists and Sales Orders
  • + Bill of Materials
  • + Detailed Integration Options
  • *9 c / bottle / year
    100 000 bottles per year
Add-on Modules
  • Supplier / Client Portal
  • Grape Payments
  • Xero Integration
  • *Implementation excluded; Pricing in ZAR: Click here for dollar USD subscription prices
  • Full User: User has full access to all functions depending on subscription
  • Limited User: User has access to up to 3 functions (e.g. Weighbridge, Purchase Orders, Receipts)


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